About Us

It is a boutique leadership school founded by Vedat Erol in 2000. Its leadership model and programs have been fully adapted to the Turkish and Anatolian culture and aim at cultivating universal leaders and teams.

With a strong team of trainers and leader coaches, we have successfully completed leadership programs with the managerial teams of over 100 national and international companies, and planted the seeds of universal leadership.

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Leadership Journey

Leadership Journey is a three module leader development program, each module consisting of four days. The objective of the program is to allow partici...

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Our Services

İşinizi ve yaşamınızı daha verimli ve dengeli bir hale getirebilir misiniz? İyi bir iş ve yaşam mı? Yoksa anlamlı bir iş ve yaşam mı? Tüm bu sorulara cevap bulacağınız, sahip olduğunuz tüm...

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As Leader

P : +90 (212) 270 82 92

M : +90 (533) 496 44 14

E : [email protected]