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Leadership Journey (Universal Leadership Program)


What is the formula for leadership?
What if the 4 elements of life on Earth didn’t exist in balance or adequately?
What happens when the 4 elements of human life don’t exist in balance or adequately?
How do you understand that you are a natural-born leader?
Can leadership be learned?
Can you achieve greater satisfaction and balance in your work and life?
A good life? Or a meaningful one?

This is a 5 step leadership program during which you will find answers to all of these questions, and you will learn an easy way of integrating with your life all of the trainings you have received up to day, all of the books you read so far and your previous experience.

This program will take the leaders on a journey from knowing to doing, and from doing to being.

It is made of 4 Modules (9 days) + 1 Closing Day Program, and is supported by leadership coaching and by enriched follow-up programs. The development of the participants is followed by their leadership coaches, as well as a program leader via our web-based portal, is measured often and supported with frequent feedback.

Leader As Leader

The basis of the Leader as Leader Program reflects our “Steps of Leadership” model. Created with the experience of our international business partners, adapted to the Turkish Culture, taken to action with coaching and follow-up programs, the Leader as Leader Program is a managerial improvement program consisting of modules that make it easier to implement in daily life.

Manager as Leader

1. Coach-like Leadership

It is a program designed to improve the coaching skills of experts and managers. The main purpose is to learn to coach the subordinates and contribute to and support their development. This 2+1 day program aims at improving International Coach Federation (ICF) coaching competencies such as delegation, effective listening, asking powerful questions, generating solutions, acknowledgement and motivation.

2. Managing Relationships with Social Style

As Leader Leadership School is the official representative of Tracom Group International, the creator of Social Style. . This is a 2 or 2+1 day training which has been endorsed and applied by many Turkish companies’ managers and customer-relations employees, and has been proven to effectively improve customer satisfaction, communication and relationships in the workplace. It is an easily learned method of building and cultivating effective and positive relationships. The main purpose is to understand and manage differences, create a common language among the employees and increase customer satisfaction by effectively assessing the needs of internal and external customers.

A web-based 360-degrees measurement battery allows to measure an employee’s social style as perceived by themselves and by others, as well as their Versatility scores.

3. Behavioral Emotional Intelligence

Behavioral EQ is another training developed by Tracom Group International, and delivered by accredited trainers of As Leader Leadership School. With this program, employees and managers learn to understand and control their own emotions as well as assess and manage others’ emotions, to cope with stress, to focus on the problem and the solution instead of the person. It also promotes and improves self-confidence, emotional awareness and self-motivation.

4. Leadership Effectiveness Training (L.E.T.)- Gordon Training International

Leadership Effectiveness Training (L.E.T.) is a program that has been originally designed by Gordon Training Group, officially represented by As Leader Leadership School in Turkey. Programs are delivered by As Leader trainers who each have been certified by Gordon Training International. The program involves a 2 or 2+1 day training and teaches the participant a model with which you can learn to manage relations and solve conflicts when you have a problem, when someone else has a problem or multiple people have a problem. It also teaches the methods of having efficient, positive and sustainable relationships and improves the relationship related managerial competencies.

5. Acknowledgement and Feedback

Two basic human needs are to be recognized and to be valued. The reciprocal fulfillment of these needs establishes the foundation of efficient relationships. Acknowledgement is the strongest tool of fulfilling this basic human need. This 2-day training aims at developing recognition skills which in turn increases motivation, devotion and responsibility.


This program helps getting to know different styles of customers, determining their needs, and meeting and managing these needs. The ultimate goal is to increase the affiliation with both internal and external customers, sustain positive relations and increase the efficiency of relationships. It is a 2-day program that is custom-designed according to the needs of the organization, in line with the culture of their customers, and is structured to ensure optimal efficiency for the organization.

Leader Coaching

It is a program that targets managerial level employees. The ultimate purpose of the program is to work one-on-one with the managers to help them get to know themselves better, gain insight and awareness, and discover their leadership potential. The program also supports and develops participants’ managerial competencies so they can exhibit efficient management skills.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is not a training. It is the entirety of the instruments and the methods that speed up the process of becoming a team, and that transform ‘individual champions’ into a high-performance team that makes difference. It develops the teamwork spirit and facilitates action as a team.

Leadership Seminars and Talks

A series of Universal Leadership competency seminars and talks given by Vedat Erol in order to create motivation and awareness.

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